ZAIGLE Simple Red Edition Electric Infrared Grills 220V

ZAIGLE Simple Red Edition Electric Infrared Grills 220V


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Eco-friendly, eco-healthy grill roaster. Everyday grill. no odor, no smoke, no oil splatter, no worries. It’s the Tasty Everyday Eco Grill ZAIGLE Simple!

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ZAIGLE is patented invention with high energy efficiency without the waste of heat.

Colors: Red [Special Edition]

Material : (Grill Pan) Aluminum, Fluorine Resin Coating, (Tong) Stainless Steel

Power : 220V, 1390W (Europe/Asia C,F plug type (two round pins)

Pan size : (Circle shape pan)Ø37cm, (Square shape pan)31x28cm / Weight : 3.1Kg (including pan)

Contents : Main unit, Circle shape cooking pan, Square shape cooking pan, Dripped oil drawer, Dust cover Pan Supporter (Adjust Height), Manual, Recipe

The heating source is on the top for no-smoke, no-odor and no-oil splatter It cooks without smell or oil splashes It cooks with crispy outside but moist inside. The meat texture becomes soft, and tasty, no oil splashes during the cooking. Foods does not dry even left long time It is also good to warm up the foods The effects of antibacterial, deodorization, and no smoke are outstanding, due to anions generated from infrared rays. The activated oxygen of food is removed, and there is an effect to prevent the generation of cancer causing substances. The bottom pan heats the bottom part of food with radiant heat from the top part, and thus food is evenly cooked without burning.

The answer? Stop worrying about the odor and smoke!

It’s the Tasty Everyday Eco Grill ZAIGLE Simple! 

Smoke-free, Odor-free, the Convenient Everyday Eco Grill!

The infrared ray wellbeing cooker for tasty cooking with no smoke, no odor and no oil slash

The ZAIGLE Simple is?

1. Tasty and healthy cookery; no smoke, no CO, no harmful gas emission

2. No odor, no smoke, no oil splatter; test evaluation certified by the related official authority

3. Easy to use; no water or oil necessary while cooking. Thawing is not required before cooking.

4. Easy to wash; The grill pan and the oil dripping drawer

5. Energy efficient; Electricity of 7.7–13.5 won for one hour use (normal/progressive tax applied)

6. 6-in-1; Electric grill, Electric oven, fill grill, frying pan, microwave oven, and toaster

Cooking indoor is pleasant because the grill emits minimizes smoke and odor and cooker’s easy-to-use and easy-to-wash features are convenient. The thawing and heating features are added to the oven grill roaster, the Zaigle is distinct grill for everyday use.

Product configuration: The total of seven items of the ZAIGLE Simple body

(oil dripping drawer included), circular grill pan, rectangular  frying pan, dust cover, tongs, cooking guide, and manual

Product usage: indoor home grill

Specification: 220 V, 1300 W

- Pan size: circular pan Ø/ 37 cm, rectangular 31 x 28 cm2
                  Weight (inclusive of the two pans) 5.4 kg

- Product slogan: Everyday Grill ZAIGLE Simple!
                              (Eco-friendly, Heath-friendly Grill Roaster)

Product feature description

1) Patented cooker; patented technology of the infrared ray cooker in 92 countries.

2) No smoke, no odor, no oil splatter; the heating source is on the top for no smoke, no odor and no oil splatter!

-The self-removing odor feature eliminates the odor with the patented design

-No oxygen combustion method for no smoke

-No cooking oil necessary, instant cooking, no meat oil splatters

3) Easy-to-use cooker:

Before using

- Put the separable pan on the top and turn on the switch!

After using

- Remove the separable pan and the dripping drawer to wash.

4)     Everyday Grill: Serving for the meal and snack time with various menus
(the cooking guide of recipes that can be cooked with Zaigle circular and
rectangular pans).

5)     Rotating separable pan for variety use: The circular grill pan and the rectangular frying pan can be separated from the body with its convenient-to-use rotating features that cooks and serves the food evenly.

Paradoxical High Energy Efficiency Invention Patent Product

Invention Patent ZAIGLE

Unlike the previous structure of the grill, the heating comes down from the top source of the infrared ray, the juice is capture by cooking the meat from inside out with tasty and tender texture. The cooker generates no oil splatters and removes the smoke and odor while eliminating the activated oxygen for antiharmful effects for the human body. The cooker is a high energy efficiency invention patented product cooks the food evenly placed at the bottom using from the top of the radiated heat, saving the energy wastes.

Infrared light is a non-toxic source of energy transmitted through all light energy. Light is divided into 3 waves; long, medium and short according to wavelength range, and each wavelength demonstrates great effectiveness. Light energy transmits heat through conduction, radiation and infrared light. Recently developed short wave infrared light technology demonstrates greater effectiveness for cooking than either long or medium wave light.

Effectiveness of Short-Wave Infrared Light

A great deal of academic research has been conducted regarding the beneficial effects short wave infrared light has on our body. .Among the many studies conducted, NASA published an article on December 18,2000, highlighting the following findings:

- Treatment of Skin Disorder

- Treatment of Brain Tumor, the disease known to have the highest death rate among children

- Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

- Treatment of Cancer

- Treatment of Severe Burns

The benefits of the ZAIGLE Simple

01 Tasty with no oil splatters, no smoke, no odor: No smoke odor, tender and tasty

02 Low electricity: 77–153 won for one hour use of the ZAIGLE (normal/progressive tax added)

03 The easy-to-use and convenient-to-wash: With the power on, washing gets started, convenient washing

04 No food burnt out on the ZAIGLE: The heat generation lamp cooker using the clean energy of the electricity for the pleasant cooking environment

05 The pleasant wellbeing ZAIGLE: Normalizing the body capillary, no generation of carcinogen (PAHs)

06 The world’s only short infrared ray patent: The anion generation with odor-free, noise-free and smoke-free. The temperature instantly reaches, no preheating is required


As nonpolluting light energy, infrared rays are the rays delivering the heat of all types of light energy including the solar heat. Depending on wavelength range, infrared rays are divided into far, medium, and short infrared rays, but their efficiencies are all great

(Other than conduction and radiation, the infrared rays deliver the heat of light).

In case of short infrared rays developed recently, the heat delivery efficiency and treatment function are especially more excellent than far and medium infrared rays.

Koreans are well-aware of the positive effects infrared rays have on our bodies. Many facilities in Korea , including medical treatment centers and saunas, have been using this technology for decades on their patients. Recent studies  have uncovered that infrared ray exposure for women resulted in reduced incidences of uterine cancer. Korean women who had been exposed to infrared rays through fire places and through traditional Korean ground heating systems, were found to have far fewer cases of uterine cancer than those who were not. For these reasons and many more, Zaigle has applied the use of infrared light to its grilling unit, contributing to the health of every user.

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ZAIGLE Simple Red Edition Electric Infrared Grills 220V

ZAIGLE Simple Red Edition Electric Infrared Grills 220V

Eco-friendly, eco-healthy grill roaster. Everyday grill. no odor, no smoke, no oil splatter, no worries. It’s the Tasty Everyday Eco Grill ZAIGLE Simple!