Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-CHRN1010FD

Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-CHRN1010FD


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Fantastic multi rice cooker. The world's first! Super-high pressure, super heating power! 100% Stainless material inside and outside of pot all stainless.

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★★★ We provide an original manual which is in the package. The language could not be the English. The language on a product or manual cannot be a reason for return/refund ★★★

★★★ Please refer the voltage information before purchase ★★★

1. Super premium metal: Black hair line and Metalic harmony

2. Dual motion packing

3. Smart Algorithm

4. Energy Eye Sensor

5. Direct Touch

IH Electric Pressure Ricce Cooker for 10 Persons

Model name: CRP-CHRN1010FD

Weight: 8.2kg

Size: 41.9 x 30.3 x 29 cm

Rated Voltage: 220V / 60Hz

Power Consumption

Rated voltage : 220V / 60Hz / Plug type C (Use a step-up converter if you are in 100-120V circumstance)
Size: W 30.3 x H 29 x D 41.9cm Weight: 8.2kg, Power consumption: Max 1455W
X-wall Stainless coating + FULL stainless Eco Curved inner pot, FULL Stainless detachable cover, Dual layer motion packing
Stainless inner case - Light touch navigation - Finest White LED display - Pipe prevents rice water from getting stuck
Dual layer soft steam cap - 21 layer safety device - Surrounding warming system - Voice information function(Korean/Chinese/English)

Night voice volume control function - Automatic sterilizing (Steam) cleaner - Display control power-saving function - Energy eye function - The lid handle's lamp function - Direct touch - Slow open function.

NEW CUCKOO CRP-CHRN1010FD IH PressureRice Cooker(10 people)
● Eco curve 2 applying pressure to the inner pot de
   Cuckoo IH pressure rice cooker!

Capacity: 10 people
  * Pressure cooker
  - An induction heating (IH) method
  * 2 applies pressure
Cooking / warming function:
  * Rapid Cooking: Based on two people (up to 06 people use)
  13 squad and rapid cooking rice
  Rapid cooking grains and 26 squad
  * Cuckoo custom anorexic: Every step 4
  And called time: softness settings
  Heating and holding time chajigo Kaoru set about
  * Cuckoo custom catering (cooking temperature setting)
  And a high level: Grains, Rice stickiness
  And lower levels: novice
  * Book Catering: within up to 13 hours
  * Book reheating
  * Insulating reheating
  * Fit insulation:
   When insulating, and when you open the lid, or a lot of water flow,
   If symptoms occur, spreads Rice
  * Sleep insulation: temperature maintained at a low temperature insulating bed
  * Scorched nuleum enhancements
  * Simple function called
  * High thermal features
Cooking functions:
  Rice, millet, brown rice, rice nutrition, gimchobap, germinated brown rice,
  Nutritional porridge, Multi cook, chicken soup, bread fermentation, baking,
  Smart menu
  * Inner pot:
  Curved Stainless Steel and Eco
    + Xwall stainless steel coating
  External and inner pot: Air bubble coating
  * Cap: Wash removable packing
  And easy cleaning, maintaining warmth anorexic
  Full stainless steel and removable cover (the inside is also stainless steel):
    Case the inner pot, steam vent seal wash
  And fluid dampers: Slow Open
  * 2 The packing of motion
The control panel:
  * LED display simple
Convenience features:
  Can be operated by Smartphone: * NFC
  And catering / catering capabilities Reservations
  Cooking and Health: Diet Management
  And self-diagnosis: device check, check failure causes
  And offers a variety of cuisine recipes
  Shopping and request features (text messaging, SNS transfers)
  And A / S center search
  Operating the unit is simple and does not require manual
  * Smart algorithm
  * Voice guidance:
  And volume control (5)
  Night and Voice Control
  And foreign language support (English, Chinese)
  * Automatic sterilization (steam) cleaning:
   Remove debris stuck like a pressure nozzle, valve
  * Bapmul prevent multiple pockets
  * Nonstop exhaust steam: steam, bacteria, odor emissions
  * 2 of the soft steam cap:
  And noise, reduced power consumption
  And excellent thermal effect
  And increase safety: a strong steam 2 blocks
  * Button Lock
  * Sleep:
  And nighttime sleep (energy children):
    Atmosphere, cooking, heating, ambient light sensor is of scheduled
    Automatically recognize the ambient light to the energy consumption
    Minimize Sikkim
  Sleep and standby mode: less than about 1 W standby power maintenance
  And display sleep
  And automatic power saving:
    Power saving function automatically after the selected time
Safety: Safety of 21 (TPC system)
  * Energy Efficiency: 1 rating
  Power consumption:
  And rating: 1,455 W
Color: Silver + Black
Size (width x height x depth): 30.3 x 29 x 41.9 cm
Weight: 8.2 kg

About CUCKOO rice cooker:

  Rapid cooking rice
You can quickly build a meal in 9-19 minutes.
Learn quickly because the rice
This decrease may be anorexic
After the pre-soaked rice takes about 20 minutes
We recommend that the rice.

This feature is not available ※ Rapid cooking is used.

  Rapid cooking grains
This time-consuming and demanding faster by building japgokbap
Cooking over an hour to wash the rice and millet called
Able to build a squad of 29, which was japgokbap takes time
Was shortened, do not destroy nutrients as moisture
You can enjoy a nutritious japgokbap.

※ Effect of japgokbap
. White rice, beans, barley, brown rice: nutrient intake can be almost all.
Rice + beans: protein supply.
. Microscopic: deodiji only good for digestion and constipation peristalsis.
. Glycemic index: japgokbap
  Custom anorexic adjustment
One can choose the degree of charge goseul or to taste
Slightly depending on the manufacturer
Although, in step 3-5
Is selected.

① hard and savory anorexic
② smooth and well blown anorexic
③ soft and fragrant Taste

  Cooking functions
Can create a variety of dishes such as porridge, steamed rice cooking as well as
In the control panel menu or button, such as rapid cooking
The desired cooking function can be selected, the product
Cuisine varies according to the features available.

  Germinated brown rice
Called the water is brown rice with embryo buds dry again tuiwo
That which is highly nutritious than white rice cooking time
It takes a long time.
* Benefits:
① including vitamins, minerals
Nutrients and dietary fiber to increase
Help improve the constitution
② various enzymes produced in the body good
③ to buy the germinated brown rice
Than a half times the affordability
Cooking method:
The rice cooker to germinate directly in the bud: ① Cuckoo
(Using a live embryo is microscopic) tuium
② Cuchen, rihom: put the germinated sprouted brown rice also catering

  X May (Xwall) stent coating
The only coated stainless harmless.
All my cooker, pressure cooker outside
A stent coating with optimized
Good strong at high temperatures, high pressure, salinity
You can feel disgusting.

  Air bubbles coated
The new concept of the bubble layer retain heat during cooking leaking heat
Block makes perfect.
Maximize heat transfer and heat retention
Because now the best stickiness
The implementation of the anorexic.

  Detachable my sotttukkeong
Separated by pulling the center of the inner pot lid lock
Easy to clean.
Remove the pressure cooker that is the most recent release.

※ If you do not wash?
Leaving the debris, etc. bapmul unsanitary.
This feature prevents the falling water vapor holes.

  Wash removable packing
The inner pot with lid and rubber gasket are all separated more
Can be used neat.

* Unlike traditional removable inner pot with lid and rubber packings
There is only one simple cleaning.
* Inner pot lid holder: once the inner pot is more durable
Sikyeojum fixed.
(If you do not properly locked catering holder.)

  Full stainless steel removable cover
Referred to in both stainless steel cover for long term use
This is disgusting as it is.

* Resistant to high temperature / high pressure / high steam
  → First Taste has always

  2 jungmo Sean Seal
Haejueo prevent new pressure twice to close out this gnarly
* Principle: the outer sealing layer
A support layer in close contact with each other inside
Do not go to the new pressure
* Effects: first as a rice
Discussion is kept smooth.

  Smart algorithms
Enjoy smooth and japgokbap rice.
* Principles: superior pressure control + fine thermal control technology
* Effect: rice, of course, even more demanding rice and japgokbap
Refine cooking gently.

  Voice guidance
Voice tells the menu selection process when cooking rice.
The progress and completion of the Rice speech
Because the other day tell
Know the state of the times are good rice
And, kkuuk the Cancel button
Settings and press the release.

* Some products are volume control, multi-language support you.

  Bapmul prevent multiple pockets
The deceased inside the cooker clean cleaning bapmul
You can.
Line is not to worry about the smell bapmul the accumulation
And, fresh and always catering to anorexic when insulation or
You can keep it.

  Automatic cleaning (steam)
Can be cleaned using a steam valve and the outlet.
* Effects: reduce the occurrence of bacteria.
Effective foreign / odor removal.
* Method: Put the rice washing water only
Refine button to wash.

※ Tips
If you do not have a self-cleaning function instead of vinegar into the water
You can see a similar effect when the cooking.

Even if the power cord is plugged into the standby power down cycle
Since electricity is not free.
The first month of charges of home
Standby power accounted schedule
Lowers below the level of control
Unnecessary energy waste

  Of 21 safety device
* Magnetic lid fastening detection switch (reed switch)
* Remove residual pressure device (apryeokchu does)
* More than the product to prevent overheating control circuit devices
* Prevent over pressure steam exhaust structure
* Prevent lid opening device
* Over-current protection fuse current
* Thermal fuse to prevent overheating
* Over Power protection circuit (fusing resistor)
* Soft steam safety cap
* Automatic steam exhaust device (solenoid valve)
* Pressure Control Device (apryeokchu)
* Solid Insulating sensor (TOP Sensor)
* Automatic temperature control (center sensor)
* Non-self-resetting safety pressure relief device
* Detachable my sotttukkeong sensor
* Lid fastening device detection
* Warning device to prevent overheating
* Pressure Control
* Check the inner pot detection device
* Cover prevents clogging
* Throws open feature (fluid dimpeo)

ITEM :  NEW CUCKOO CRP-CHRN1010FD IH PressureRice Cooker(10 people)
QTY: 1
COLOR : Silver + Black

*** POWER 220V ***
- It is made of C-type plug for 220V, these item.
- 200 ~ 240V input power can be used in.
- The input power source 110V, is used as a booster by converting the 200 ~ 220V . 

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Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-CHRN1010FD

Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-CHRN1010FD

Fantastic multi rice cooker. The world's first! Super-high pressure, super heating power! 100% Stainless material inside and outside of pot all stainless.

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